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Big Sexy deck starting at $149, Complete Setups starting at $239

Specs: Length~37.5", Width~10.25", Wheelbase~25.25-27.25", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch with FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction

Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 1

Technical Overview: The Big Sexy is a topmount deck and has 5/8" Radial concave right where your front foot sets into place and W Concave over teh rear truck which gives the rider's back foot a pocket to set in when they are tucked and also keeps the back foot locked in during big check slides. The Big Sexy also has a sweet looking flared fishtail so you can throw some surf style slides with ease.  It has a very solid feel throughout the deck due to it’s 12 ply FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction. The wheel sandouts are there to reduce the risk of wheelbite. The ranging wheelbase options make this deck a phenomenal downhill/freeride longboard.

Shredability: The Big Sexy is one of the most versatile progressive longboard decks around, and is one of our favorite creations to date.  It is the downhill/freeriders go to deck with solid concave features designed to keep the rider comfortably glued to the board whether the rider is making downhill runs or showcasing their freeride steez.  The Big Sexy will have you suave, smooth and stylish while you're drawing thane lines all over the pavement.

To have a Custom Big Sexy built for you CONTACT US. See what we have available below!

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'FB Thunderbird' Big Sexy $149.00
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'Trip Out' Big Sexy $149.00
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CUSTOM Big Sexy $169.00+
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