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Siamese Hammerhead deck starting at $169

Specs: Length~42", Width~10", Standing Platform Length~23”, Wheelbase~33.5", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch in FB64E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction w/ internal Carbon Fiber layer

Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 2

Technical Overview: The Siamese Hammerhead is one of our twin shape drop through decks.  It has a large standing platform for those riders that want more under their feet.  The standing platform also has concave to make it easier for the rider’s feet to remain planted in position.  The tips are wedged making it a rockered deck which also gives this board a lower profile; therefore, making the ride more controlled and making pushing effortless. It is a stable ride and strong deck thanks to the 12 ply FB064E construction with an internal carbon fiber layer.  Although stiff, it still has that forgiveness that is necessary for the ride to remain smooth and responsive.  The best part of this deck is the Slideez Rail Construction.  What Slideez does for the rider is it makes sliding even easier due to the angled rail which allows us to wrap the grip tape around from the top deck to the rail so your feet stay locked into place on the edge of the board throughout your slides.  Due to the rockered deck, you also don't have to worry about the grip tape getting torn up on the edges of the standing platform (where you need the most grip in your slides) when your board flips over and slides on the pavement because the two tips will be the contact points.

Shredability: The Siamese Hammerhead is a spin-off of our most popular drop through board (the Double Blunt).  Where this board shines is when it is pushed hard to the limits.  It is built for the hardcore longboarder that wants stability down big hills and full control when freeriding. The large standing platform makes it comfortable down hills and it is another true twin drop through deck from FB to lay down slides any which way you desire. 

Complete Build Specs: Trucks: Reverse Kingpin 180mmWheels: WheelRZ Diablos, Riser Pads: none, Bearings: Biltin BearingsHardware: 1.25" stainless steel

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