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the GUN deck starting at $135

Specs: Length~38.5", Width~9.75", Wheelbase~29"-31.5", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch with FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction.

Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 2

Technical Overview:  The GUN has progressive concave throughout its stiffer deck. This longboard has multiple truck mounting options giving it a ranging wheelbase.  The rear truck has two spots to mount it, one is set further forward to give the rider use to the big kicktail and the second mounting option is set further back to give it more stability at high speeds and makes the board less succeptible to getting clipped in high speed racing situations. The wheel sandouts help reduce the risk of wheelbite and gives clearance to larger downhill wheels.  The nose is slightly wedged for more predictability in turns and it also creates a pocket for the rider's front foot to lock into place.

Shredability: The GUN from Faceplant Boardriders was inspired by big wave surfing. Surfers that drop into big waves use boards in their board quiver called "guns". With this in mind we created a longboard for the progressive downhill freerider looking to progress their longboarding to higher levels of riding big hills. 

Complete Build Specs: Trucks: Reverse Kingpin 180mmWheels: WheelRZ '70s 78a, Riser Pads: 1/4" Flat RisersBearings: Biltin BearingsHardware: 1.5" Black Hardware

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