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Kingspin deck starting at $89, Complete Setups starting at $169

Specs: Length~34", Width~8.875", Wheelbase~19", Construction~9 plies premium baltic birch with FB66E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction

Flex Rating(1=stiff – 10=flexible): 3

Technical Overview: The Kingspin is a twin shaped tech sliding deck with two flared tails and a concaved deck. It is the perfect width to maintain stability at higher speeds but still easy to do flip tricks on if you want to get technical in the park. It is lightweight and fairly stiff throughout but it still has a little bit of give adding great pop to this deck. The tips are rounded into a blunt nose in the center which help your tails last through repeated tailslide tricks on the asphalt without getting chewed up as quickly as traditional skate decks.

Shredability: This deck looks much like an oversized skate deck, but it is so much more.  We made this board for the rider looking to get gnarly with tech sliding along with the added ability to go play in the skatepark too. The Kingspin is a larger platform making it such an easy board to tech slide with, and it has plenty of pop for throwing down some solid park runs.  Solid, stable, and so easy to spin, hence the name "Kingspin".

To have a Custom Kingspin built for you CONTACT US. See what we have available below!

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'FB Collage' Kingspin $89.00
faceplante boards
'Plaid Stain' Kingspin $89.00
faceplante boards
'Faceplant Retro Scribbles' Kingspin $89.00
faceplante boards
'Faceplant Rasta Scribbles' Kingspin $89.00
faceplante boards
CUSTOM Kingspin $109.00
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