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Bethlehem Freeride Competition

faceplante boards On June 21st (International Skate Day) Riders from all over the Mid Atlantic will gather in the old steel town of Bethlehem, PA. Tucked in a sleepy residential area will be the first downhill slide competition with kickers and rails. Under 18 and Open divisions will showcase their style and skill for a podium spot. This will be the 2nd stop of the Mid Atlantic Freeride Series.

Red Bull Big Drop: Push the Pagoda

faceplante boards Don't miss out on the weekend of shred in PA! Start things off with a Meet and Greet at Community Bikes and Boards Friday Night. Broad Street Bomb push race in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday. Then Sunday, May 11th is Red Bull's first longboard event. Downhill racing will start things off with a 64 rider cap with the grand prize being a trip to Gujataca, Puerto Rico in Jan. 2015. After the DH there is a FREE slide jam w/ kickers and rails. Register here and now before it fills up... http://www.active.com/reading-pa/red-bull-big-drop-slide-at-the-pagoda-2014

Rollin' With Rob - Episode 1

faceplante boards The premier episode of "ROLLIN WITH ROB" is out now, and there are plenty more to follow throughout the year. Watch the first episode at our YouTube Channel and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to keep up with the series and other awesome shred videos from Faceplant Boardriders and WheelRZ Wheels. Check em out at: YouTube.com/FaceplantBoardriders

Mid-Atlantic Freeride Series

faceplante boards Faceplant Boardriders & WheelRZ are putting on the first Mid-Atlantic Freeride Series this year. We wanted to base it around the free riding spectrum of longboarding and plan to have 4-7 participating events. By placing in the top 10 of any participating event, a rider will receive points. Every rider will accumulate points throughout the year and the top 5 riders at the end of the year (final event being the Skate the Cape Shred Festival 3 in November) will get cash prizes!!! LIKE the Facebook Page to keep up with the latest updates at www.facebook.com/MAFreerideSeries.

"Rollin With Rob" YouTube Video Series

faceplante boards Faceplant Boardriders and WheelRZ Wheels will be running a series of Episodes that follow around FB/WheelRZ Owner and Boardrider Rob Wheeler on his treks to events, contests, shops tours, team video sessions, all of the way to just getting gnarly shredding with friends and other riders from the longboarding/boardriding world. Be Sure to SUBSCRIBE to Faceplant Boardriders' YouTube Channel to keep up with the action, and you can see the "Rollin With Rob Teaser" there now. (www.youtube.com/faceplantboardriders)

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

faceplante boards Faceplant Boardriders and WheelRZ Wheels are having a HUGE Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale. It all starts with the CRAZY LOW PRICES on WheelRZ Wheels (Diablos for $20, '70s and Magic 8 Balls for $25). You can get 30% off any Faceplant Boardriders Longboard Skateboard. Order a 'Big Sexy' Longboard Deck, FB's premier downhill freeride deck for 40% off! CONTACT US via our CONTACT US Page on our website to ORDER NOW, and you will also get a FREE Skate the Cape 2 Tee Shirt (while supplies lasts. FB Hoodies are set for $25. Glovarm Winter Knit Hats for $20. On top of all of that, Faceplant Boardriders Handboards are set at 50% off for the remainder of 2013. Take advantage and get some awesome gifts for your friends, family, or even yourself for being so awesome. You sure won't see these DEALS any other time.

Skate the Cape Shred Festival 2013

faceplante boards We had an amazing weekend hosting the Skate the Cape Shred Festival for its second year. We had a great turnout and most people camped out Saturday night at the State park between the two days of events. We wanted to thank everyone for coming out. There were good vibes all around all weekend. Results were as follows: The Enduro Push Race Podium went as follows: OPEN Division: 1st-Scott Hurdleston 2nd-Jorge Garcia 3rd-Matt Smith. AM Division: 1st-Jacob Scarberry 2nd-Stuart Mueller 3rd-Max Bisaha The results for the Downhill were: OPEN Division: 1st-Jorge Garcia 2nd-Scott Hurdleston 3rd-Dylan Baist-Bliss 18 & OVER Division: 1st-Hans Loewen 2nd-Michael Vizzoni 3rd-Daniel Pettit UNDER 18 Division: 1st-Patrick Kennedy 2nd-Jared Beers 3rd-Dax Pradarits The results for the Slalom were 1st - Place Kardon Allard, 2nd Place – Jesse Wipf, 3rd Place – Matt English Slide Jam podiums were as follows: OPEN Division: 1st-Jon Koontz (45 votes) 2nd-Brian Fitch (33 votes) 3rd-Dax Pradarits (23 votes) 4th-Kardon Allard (22 votes) 5th-Aaron Gordy (11 votes) UNDER 18 Division: 1st-Nolan Kramer (45 votes) 2nd-Jon Martin (29 votes) 3rd-Jake Scarberry (17 votes) 4th-David Evan (16 votes) 5th-Elijah Olsen (14 votes)

Rob Wheeler takes 1st place at Uncle Funky's Style Session

faceplante boards Uncle Funky's 10th Anniversary Style Session was a blast this year! Every year the morning after the Broadway Bomb a dedicated group of gnarly skaters come out to Darktower hill to throw down their best moves in the two hour session. At the end of the session all the skaters gather around and vote on a ballot for their top 3 favorite riders. Rob Wheeler held it down for 1st place with his unique fast surf style riding which earned him $300.

'Enduro Push Race' new event for Skate the Cape 2013

faceplante boards This year's Skate the Cape will be a 2 day event which has allowed us to have more divisions for each event and make room for the new 'Enduro Push Race' event. Starting Nov.9th(Saturday) the race will be the first event of the festival. Riders will navigate around the park through downhills, sharp turns, sand traps, slippery pine needles, and an uphill finish. This push race is 2.75 miles long and will be marked with arrows and volunteers at every intersection. Get your push game ready!

Gearing up for Skate the Cape Shred Festival 2

faceplante boards After an awesome time hosting "Rip the ElWood" in PA, we are now gearing up for our SECOND ANNUAL Skate the Cape Shred Festival which is set to be a two day event this year with on site camping. We are adding an Enduro Push Race this year, and Cape Henlopen State Park has the perfect paths to hold this type of an event. Along with that will be Downhill, Slalom, and a few variations of Slide Jams. Don't miss it, November 9-10!!! Email us at faceplantboardriders@gmail.com for more details and to register.

Rip the El Wood Event Map

faceplante boards Less than a month away! Get ready for an intense downhill track as well as a downhill skate park with the Red Bull Table Top Booter.

"Rip the El Wood" September 7th

faceplante boards Don't miss this one! Faceplant Boardriders and WheelRZ are putting on another event on Saturday, September 7th with the rain date set for September 8th. This Event will be taking place at Franklin Township Park located at 99 Parson Road in Landenberg, PA. So come out and put your gnarly boots on because it's gonna be a day full of amazing shredding! Go to the 'Rip the El Wood' Event Page on Facebook for more information at: https://www.facebook.com/events/145433505636967/permalink/160163914163926/

FB & WheelRZ Demo Day at Community Bikes and Boards

faceplante boards Sunday, April 14th starting at 1pm we will have Faceplant Boardriders Longboards and WheelRZ wheels for you to DEMO! Community Bikes and Boards(712 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA) is hosting this shred party and providing FREE hot dogs, hamburgers, and music. Join our Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/163463943808653/

Faceplant Boardriders Presents: Skate for Peace

faceplante boards To register please go to our CONTACT PAGE and fill out the contact form with "SKATE FOR PEACE REGISTRATION" in the "your question" box. Event date: May 18th, 2013 (Rain date: May 19th, 2013) Description: Access the private hills of KidsPeace at Faceplant Boardriders' Skate for Peace longboard skateboard competition! It will be a charity event benefiting KidsPeace, held on their campus, which is a treatment facility for kids in crisis. Events: Downhill: 9 am practice/ 10 am start Slalom: 12:30 pm start Slide: 2 pm start Ditch Style Session: 4 pm start Prices: $15 per main event $40 for all 3 $10 for ditch style session CASH PRIZES FOR EACH EVENT *50% of all registration fees are donated to KidsPeace These hills are closed to the public year round, so bring your gnarly boots... and get shreddy!!!!!

Puerto Rico/Guajataka Downhill 2013

faceplante boards The FB Crew consisting of Rob Wheeler, Ricky Wheeler, Kardon Allard, Jesse Wipf, and Brian Fitch are back from an EPIC week of surfing the waves and the asphalt in Puerto Rico. There are video yet to come of this shred trip. The surf was excellent throughout the week, and plenty of awesome hills to shred! We even got in some great days of bodysurfing on the FB Handboards, and also some awesome footage. Jesse Wipf became Faceplant Boardriders' first sponsored handboarder simply beacause he is SICK at it. He dropped in and ripped up so many waves over the week. They competed in the slide and slalom and Rob Wheeler took 3rd place in the Slalom riding the Gremlin with the WheelRZ Magic 8-0s, but apparently, there was nothing for 3rd place this year. The slide jam got rained on, but the show went on and it was more chaotic than the downhill. Pretty wild event. It was an EPIC shred trip, and we can't wait for net year!!!

2013 Liquid Stowe Trip Feb. 22-24

faceplante boards It is finally time to shred some snow again up in Stowe, VT. We had an epic trip last year as we got dumped on with over 32" of fresh snow! Check out the footage of last years trip on FBTV titled "Liquid Snow Tours". This trip is hassle free, cheap and so much fun from the bus ride up, night life, to shredding the slopes. To book your trip please go to http://liquidboardshop.com/blogs/snow-tours/7096624-liquid-stowe-trip-feb-23-24 or email us at faceplantboardriders@gmail.com

2012 Recap

faceplante boards 2012 was a stellar year for FB! Along with building lots of new progressive longboard shapes, we also have introduced bodysurfing handboards and WheelRZ Longboard Wheels to our lineup. We plan to donate a percentage of our handboard sale profits in the upcoming year to Sandy Relief as we have seen and been a part of the devastation the Hurricane left behind, and we want to help be a part of the relief/rebuilding process. WheelRZ Wheels has had an amazing response amongst the longboard community, and we expect to come into 2013 with some awesome additions to our lineup. We had a blast skating and sponsoring a lot of jams this year, especially our first annual "Skate the Cape Shred Festival" which we will be having again in 2013 with plans of making it even bigger. We also are stoked on the addition of three new FB Riders this year: Kardon Allard and Austin Bouthillet with their hard charging freeride abilities and steeze along with Braxton Warrington who is progressing exponentially in his freeriding and downhill skills. FB is stoked for the upcoming 2013 year and will be introducing a few new progressive shapes as well as modifying some of our existing shapes. We will also be a sponsor to the Guajataka Downhill 2013 this coming January, and we will have a full FB Crew there representin'. The progression never ends at Faceplant Boardriders!

Rock Creek Park Dec. 1st Race and Slide Jam

faceplante boards The Rock Creek Park event in Maryland was a success. Riders from MD, DE, VA, and PA all came to race and slide down Rock Creek Park's smooth closed road. FB rider's Kardon Allard, Braxton Warrington, Tino Romano, and Rob Wheeler were there representing. The race finals cam out 1st-Ethan Denton, 2nd-Braxton Warrington, and 3rd-Rob Wheeler. Kardon Allard awed the crowd with his super fast switch front and back checks. Braxton Warrington would snag 4th in the Slide Jam. It was a fun all day shred event with good vibes all around ending with a kick-ass BBQ.

Skate the Cape Shred Festival

faceplante boards November 10th's Event run by Faceplant Boardriders and Liquid Boardshop was a huge success!! We had a great turnout and beautiful weather. The results for each event are the following: SLALOM 1st-ZANE 2nd-Steven Friday 3rd-Max Bisaha --- DOWNHILL 1st-Matt English 2nd-Austin Bouthillet 3rd-Sam Cooksey 4th-Ryan Yearsley --- OPEN SLIDE 1st-Andrew Collins 2nd-Aaron Gordy 3rd-Tino Romano 4th-Max Bishaha 5th-Matt Smith --- INVITATIONAL STYLE SESSION -1st-Kardon Allard/Rob Wheeler(tied) 3rd-Brian Fitch. FB just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to compete and watch the event. It was an amazing positive vibe amongst everyone all day! We also wanted to thanks our sponsors - Red Bull, Dogfish Brewing Company, WheelRZ, Vita Coco, Hurley, and Sanuk and well as the volunteers, Cape Henlopen State Park, and also the Lewes, DE Fire Department EMTs.

WheelRZ Wheels

faceplante boards WheelRZ wheels are now available for the masses to experience! Pick up a set and burn up the pavement with the Diablos or bomb down your favorite hills with the Magic 8-0s or the '70s. WheelRZ wheels will now be the standard wheel for most of Faceplant Boardriders' boards adding an even more superior ride than ever before on an FB Board! Get a set from us at http://faceplantboardriders.com/products/category/702 or at WheelRZ website www.wheelrz.com.

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